Advice to buyers and sellers

Advice to buyers and sellers - Beware of scams

If you suspect that an email maybe from a scammer. Please forward it to as soon as possible. Hangar-deals will never contact a user asking for personal or financial information, if you receive any communication from someone acting as someone from, end communication as soon as possible and report it to

Hangar-deals and transactions between buyer and seller. does not become involved, in any way, with the transaction between a buyer and seller. Please take special care when sending money to someone for goods or services and if possible make the sale in person. Hangar-deals takes no responsibility for any losses of any kind and the onus is on the buyer/seller to ensure they are happy with the legitimacy of the sale.

Tips when buying/Selling

  • Verify the buyer/seller is who they say they are - meet in person if possible
  • Be suspicious of anyone who is attempting to gain access to your bank account information and/or other personal information
  • Be suspicious of any deal that seems too good to be true, it often is! There are many scams online, an online search will show the common ones, check them out first.
  • Make sure all funds are cleared before releasing the goods.